8/ 8.3 Evaluate requirements for equality and diversity and, where appropriate, bilingualism in relation to assessment

8 Understand the legal and good practice requirements in relation to assessment

8.3 Evaluate requirements for equality and diversity and, where appropriate, bilingualism in relation to assessment

Equality and diversity in relation to assessment is essential throughout the learners journey. 

Learners are given support, differentiated options, and SMART targets to help them achieve their aims. When designing assessment activities the work has to meet the interests, employability needs, and diverse nature of my Group Profile.

Challenging the more/less able with tasks that are in accordance with the Equality and Diversity policy means I have options to keep all learners engaged whether it be extra challenging tasks….


….or chances to revise/ catch-up on work missed through work on my blog, social media, VLE space, and/ or 1-1’s in or out of lectures.

Discrimination, and indeed making learners aware of anti and non discriminatory issues through regular debates and discussions, is something my learners are aware of and encouraged to analyse at every opportunity through contemporary media discussions so it follows that my assessments similarly reflect the different needs of my learners.

The Equality Act (2010) consolidates all anti-discriminatory legislation neatly and provides a clear guideline to aid me in differentiating my lectures and assessments. Learners know that they and their peers cannot be discriminated against if they have, or even are associated with someone due to their age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion and belief, sexual preference, marriage and civil partnership, and/ or maternity or pregnancy.

Learners actively help me to safeguard against forms of inequality and
discrimination they may encounter as they engage in teaching resources that analyse/ critically decipher the construction of discrimination in out culture and their impact on individuals.

The relevant legislation is abided by and employment regulations and policies and codes of practice relevant to the promotion of equality and valuing of diversity are implemented in all my resources.

For learners with visual or auditory impairment I provide options to construct responses to my assignments as vlogs or podcasts so as to differentiate the task and make it accessible. I wear remote hearing devices for students with auditory needs so I can be heard when explaining/ supporting the learner in a clearer manner.

Learners with physical disabilities may have practical tasks differentiated to reflect their needs eg making the activity achievable. I have provided a steadicam rigs for a learner with limited function on one side of his body, provided 1-1 support for paraplegic learners to help them during filming tasks on location, and also provided audio podcasts of me describing tasks to visually impaired learners when others have had text copies.

To help learners who are bilingual I refrain from my natural inclination for colloquialism and simile by speaking and writing in clear, enunciated, direct statements whilst providing extra help online with my dictionary to help them learn media terminology…


Having a flexibility in my approach to planning of assessment and quality assurance has been something I was not at first prepared for but have found to be key to any success I have had in my career as an Lecturer so far. Negotiating deadlines when life has hot in the way of a learner achieving and adjusting the timing of my deadlines accordingly has helped bring about higher levels of achievement for learners once their context is better understood and accommodated for fairly.

The need to change my approach for individuals learnings styles means I often present a presentation/ vlog/ podcast/ written option for tasks.

Providing additional resources where appropriate on my blog (which I update daily) helps me to have a ready-made resource bank that helps me meet any recognising additional support needs or alternative approaches I may encounter. This has proven invaluable over the years as I have quick access to tools/ games/ articles/ essays/ videos etc that can aid Alexander in antigens situation.


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